Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is a tad bit different than most; I try and answer as many questions in online forums as I can. I have compiled a ton of the information and have noticed certain questions always come up.

When doing our FAQ I took this into perspective and have tried to directly answer asmany of those questions as possible. The conversion of a Type IV engine is not that involved, but mis information makes it seem tougher than it really is! The goal of the FAQ is to halt those myths and questions normally skipped over by non Type IV enthusiasts.

I will constantly add topics and answers to the FAQ and it will never be finished! Check back often! Make it a point to read the DTM Q&A section I have addressed a lot of fitting questions while doing it.

A lot of other questions can be answered at our sister site and the Shoptalk Forums Type IV forum. I answer many questions there that we do not address in emails.

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