Illustrated DTM Installation

This is the state that every conversion engine should be in when starting the install of our shroud. A basic longblock, cleaned and ready for action!
This is our completed TIV conversion engine ready for testing. This install of the MassIVe DTM took us only 1:15 minutes, but we built the engine and shroud and know this puppy like the back of our hand..Typically this is a one day project for a skilled " Wrench" and a weekend project for an enthusiast that isn't quite so skilled with using his hands as wrenches.

From Jake.......
I have compiled this pictorial to show the steps that the installer of our MassIve DTM will encounter when installing the shroud kit.

Before packaging the kit it is fully installed onto our test/mock up engine. We use this engine to build some of the components on, thats why you see some weld spatter on top of the case. This way we know when it comes out of the box, that it will fit your engine with very little trimming, and hopefully none.

When I test fit the kit I install all hardware finger tight to the shroud and all vanes and deflectors are in position, so the installer can become familiar with the "stack up" of the hardware and how the shroud needs to look once installed correctly. I do this in hopes of making the install go super smoothly for the first time convertee of a TIV engine.

with this brief pictorial I want to show you what a normal installer can do in just 3-4 hours time(in most cases) with only standard and metric toolsand two drill bits. Our shroud installs super easy and we even offer a step by step comprehensive video tape to walk you through the entire process super easy.

Take a few minutes to see what it takes to convert your engine from this, to this. and have it ready for testing or installation into your car.

Let's start installing our DTM!!

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