What does “DTM” stand for?? DOWN THE MIDDLE! Just as our logo above illustrates…. It’s the only cooling system available for the VW Type one and VW/ Porsche Type 4 aircooled engines that effectively and efficiently routes cooling air to the cylinders that need it most!! This is something that no other cooling system available presently incorporates! This “Down The Middle” design is currently “patent pending”

A cooler running engine will produce more horsepower, something our dyno has proven time and time again. Cooler cylinders and heads keep the engines efficiency higher and increase engine life and even increase fuel economy! Fuel economy is a benefit of higher efficiency! So is HORSEPOWER!

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MassIVe “DTM” Conversion Video available at The Type 4 Store!!
The only Type Four conversion cooling system that comes with its own step by step installation video!
Once again Aircooled Technology breaks the “Information barrier” and Teams up with Bug me Video for an in depth look at the VW Type IV engine conversion! With this video the “DTM” is easier to install than ever before!