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What we sale here, are only the things that are currently unavailable anywhere else, or they are custom parts only for the Type IV conversion. I have no desire to compete with huge wholesale warehouses for everyday parts. These establishments don't know the Type IV engine, but we do, because we live and breathe them, and have done it for the better part of our lives.

You will see that we sell parts as "Sub kits" and offer individual parts. This is the same style of business that we practice at . There it has given us an unparalleled reputation and the highest level of customer satisfaction in the aircooled industry.

We also have taken a lot of time to set up our products in a manner that will benefit the engine, and the user for years to come. When you see an item such as "Type I Retro fit assembly" please understand that this kit is only sold as one part, and cannot be broken down, or have pieces left out that you may already have. Almost all the things we do require some sort of modification to work together in the best possible way. If we sell you a kit, minus one part that you already have we have just done you a huge injustice, as that part may be the one that needed the most attention - so we just don't do it.

Please understand that we do not want to make business difficult, but make it simpler. The Type IV conversion is not hard at all, but if you get the wrong parts, or bad information from those who may have never done it, the project can become more of a challenge. We want you to have a great time converting your car to "real power"!!!!!!!!!

The basic MassIVe DTM kit is the base for the complete and correct conversion of any VW Type IV engine to any of the vehicles listed in our detailed "Will It Fit" pages.

There are just a few other parts needed to convert your vehicle to Type IV power when using our shroud. In the very near future we will be offering all these parts on this site, but for now we are concentrating on our cooling systems, the most important part of the conversion.

The Basic MassIVe DTM shroud kit has all the "Basic" items essential for the conversion. This does not include the needed items for sealing the engine bay in full bodied vehicles, like a Beetle, or Ghia, 356 etc, or the Type I cooling fan assembly. See the Stage II and stage III kits for more of these conversion pieces. See the Basic details for the contents of this kit. Learn more about the Basic kit....

Stage II and Stage III kits:
These kits compliment the basic MassIVe DTM kit and make the conversion even easier. They consist of the parts that seal the engine into the engine bay of full bodied vehicles, and do so with a factory appearance. Almost every conversion should receive a Stage II upgrade (designed for do it yourselfers), and customers that want to do the job like we would, will appreciate the Stage III kit, with its CNC water-jet cut aluminum surround tin. Learn more about the Stage II kit or the Stage III kit....

Stage IV kits:
The only other items you will need for the conversion with our shroud kit is the complete VW Type I cooling fan assembly, to include the generator pulley, to fan hub and nut. Many customers have these pieces from their existing Type I engines, and they work perfectly with our DTM shroud kit. If you do not have these items, you can opt for our Stage IV kit, which has all these items. This is perfect for customers who are not super familiar with the Type I cooling system, that want a very easy trouble free conversion, and do it right. See the detailed pages on the Stage IV kit for more information/contents of this kit. Learn more about the Stage IV kit....

Deluxe kit:
The Deluxe kit is the "Big Daddy" of them all. This kit basically takes all guesswork from the conversion. The Deluxe kit comes with a conversion flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, and etc. This kit is definitely the way to go for customers that want a trouble free complete conversion. We have used the components we offer in this kit in our proven conversion engines for years. We know the interchange of these components by heart, and will share our knowledge with you- NO PROBLEM! See the pages on the Deluxe pages for detailed information about this kit. Learn more about the Deluxe kit....

Please browse through all of our offerings and see what we have to offer. Assistance is always available by email at if you need help in choosing what's right for your application.

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