Technical Specifications

Don't worry…. If you vehicle currently has a VW Type I upright engine, our shroud and a TIV engine will fit! NO cutting of the vehicle and no machining of the engine case!

The "bulletproof engine" that was developed to push a Porsche 914 at 100MPH+ or a 5,000 pound Bus at 75MPH all day long and do that for 100,000 miles can now be installed in your car easier than ever! Have 100 STOCK Horsepower and room to expand RELIABLY!!

These are the technical specifications and dimensions for The MassIVe DTM shroud kit

Offset Shroud:
Shroud is set back on left side to permit air to blow directly between #3 & #4 cylinders. This is the main difference between the MassIVe DTM shroud and any other cooling system currently available. Not even the Porsche 911 systems have a means of directional airflow incorporated into their structure,

Air Distribution:
Shroud is internally partitioned to distribute 40% to each cylinder bank and 17% to the oil cooler housing. This is more airflow than the stock TIV cooling system was able to deliver to the oil cooler.

Interior Control:
Right bank; direct to cylinders. Left bank; internal shroud form, two air guides and air deflector reverses air flow to # 3 & #4 cylinders. The design of the shroud keeps all airflow on the left side of the engine evenly distributed with minimal stagnation.

Oil Cooling
Continuous oil cooling during engine operation. Engine speed determines quantity of cooling (same as a stock TIV engine). System uses your stock V.W. Type IV oil cooler.(not included with the basic kit) This system eliminates remote coolers which are subjected to insulating dirt and road damage. External coolers can be added for additional cooling on larger displacement, engines or in areas where climates are severely hot.

Air Sealing Tin:
Optional kit for Type I, Type II, Replicar and 356/912 Porsche Installations. Seals road air from engine for proper cooling. Sheet aluminum or fiberglass, construction. Sheet Aluminum is "water-jet" cut and is sold separately. (requires slight hand trimming in most applications)


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