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LE Stands for "Leading Edge", another mutual development of Hoffman Automotive Machine and Raby's Aircooled Technology! These heads are the newest generation of proven cylinder heads for the VW/ Porsche Type 4 engine. All "LE" series heads feature full CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining techniques. The CNC technology enhances repeatability between ports and chambers and therefore boosts efficiency all while reducing overall costs and allowing more performance! If it sounds like a dream, wake up and realize this is reality brought to you by the team at Aircooled Technology!
ALL CYLINDER HEADS BASED FROM 100% NEW HEAD CASTINGS! WE DO NOT "REBUILD" ANY 30 YEAR OLD CYLINDER HEADS! All heads feature our pedigreed "no drop seat" upgrades along with the highest quality valves, springs, retainers, guides and hardware. We literally "Rebuild" brand new cylinder heads to meet our expectations! For more general information about our Type 4 cylinder head product line please see the "General cylinder head information pages".





Frequently asked questions about these heads, answered:


The LE 180-914 is a CNC replica of the famed 2.0 Porsche cylinder head. It shares the 2.0 914 chamber shape and volume as well as digitized versions of the intake and exhaust ports of the 914 2 liter head through CNC machining technology.


The LE 180-914 IS compatible with stock D and L Jetronic EFI systems when used on engines up to, but not exceeding 2056cc. (to work with 2.0 3 stud intakes optional "3 studding" is required)


The LE 180-914 DOES work well with otherwise 100% stock engines of 1.8-2.0 liters.


The LE 180-914 heads ARE available with the optional "3 stud" Porsche intake pattern. This helps make this head a 100% replica of the famed 2.0 Porsche cylinder head in the port and chamber areas.. (as shown below)

NOTE: These heads DO NOT offer the starndard EGR ports found on some 914/912E engines. They also do not absolutely mimic the standard venting arrangement of the OE 914 cylinder head.





The LE 180-914 Does work well with stock camshafts.


The LE 180-914 head DOES have the original spark plug location of the 2.0/914 Porsche cylinder head, but uses a 12mm diameter spark plug instead of 14mm!


The LE 180-914 is a direct replacement for a tired, 30 year old OEM 2.0L 914 cylinder head.


The LE 180-914 is NOT recommended for engines larger than 2270cc. See our LE 190 and larger profiles for larger engines.


The LE 180-914 has benefited from valve seat upgrades to eliminate dropped valve seats and related issues.


The LE 180-914 does NOT utilize the stock head gaskets as original. These heads are set up to eliminate issues with these gaskets, per the VW Bulletin released in 1981.





Of all our Leading Edge cylinder heads, the benefits of this profile, the LE 180-914 is the one that amazes me most and offers the biggest benefits to the Type 4 engine community as a whole. For years there has been no options for the 914 enthusiast that needed cylinder heads other than boxing up their heads and sending them to be rebuilt, or trusting a local "yahoo" that works with a Chevy head to "rebuild" them, this is due to the fact that new 914/2.0 castings have not been economically available- EVER!



Most of the time the 2.0 heads have cracks that stem from overheating and many times these cracks increase the price of a "Rebuild" of the stock head by a significant amount. Many enthusiast **THINK** that they have an excellent pair of core 2.0 heads until they send them to a qualified Type 4 cylinder head specialist only to find out that some "Yahoo" did a shoddy rebuild and created more issues than he solved in the past. More times than not rebuilding 2.0 used cylinder heads will run only 2-300 bucks LESS than buying these completely new, CNC machined beauties!





After 30 years of abuse, neglect, overheating and being worked on by "Yahoos" it is no longer a common occurrence to find "Cherry" 2 Liter heads- this is what makes the LE 180-914 head so appealing, as it's a BRAND NEW head casting that comes out of the box with upgraded valve seats, guides, valves and hardware to not only resist heat related issues but also offer extra security if the engine is overheated. The fact that these heads have a smaller (12mm) spark plug diameter offers a huge role in the added strength of the combustion chamber that helps eliminate the cracking issues that are common among the OEM 2.0 914 heads, these cracks are difficult to repair correctly and not cheap to have repaired.  The wise enthusiast will remove his used 2.0 heads and auction them off on Ebay to those that have not been lucky enough to find out about our LE 180-914 heads and then use that money to help finance the purchase of the LE 180-914 heads, its a "win-win" situation for all involved!


To enhance aesthetics and to offer better compatibility with existing 2.0/914 EFI components the LE 180-914 comes with the optional choice of "3 Studding" the intake manifold surfaces. This allows the genuine Porsche enthusiast the ability to show his friends the fact that his engine still features a 2.0 liter head (you will fool them) all while ensuring the 2.0 plenum, runners and etc can be bolted correctly to the engine, as original. With the LE 180-914 the fact that hidden under the sheet metal is a brand new, CNC machined cylinder head will not be present from the outside of the engine, only the owner will know it!


The other interesting fact about these heads is the fact that with today's CNC technology and incredible repeatability the chamber volumes of the LE 180 are much closer than that of the original "cast" units from Porsche/ VW! This also applies to the intake and exhaust ports which also offer incredible repeatability. engines are a direct reflection of efficiency, so the closer the repeatability from port to port and chamber to chamber the smoother the engine will run and the more efficient it will be with more usable power! That's right, yet again we have "Done it" better than the factory! Everything about these heads is better than what the factory offered, especially the strength of the head and it's resistance to chamber cracks!





The LE-180-914 is no different than any other cylinder head for the TIV engine in the fact that it can be enhanced incredibly with the correct camshaft for the application it will be utilized. Please see our camshaft pages for more info on selecting a camshaft to unlock more power and better drivability with cooler operating temperatures for your engine.


While these heads are primarily manufactured to fill voids in the 2.0/914 world they are also used by my engine division for a few of our "Daily driver" engine combos, up to 2270 cc according to the customer's desire for power band and application. These heads make an excellent upgrade for enthusiasts with a stock 2.0 Bus spec engine that would like to simply "bolt on" the improvements of the famed Porsche 914 cylinder head. These improvements are vast over the stock 2.0 bus head!


As with all of our cylinder heads the LE 180-914 receives the best components and labor that can be supplied. All our cylinder heads feature updated valve seats, guides, springs and retainers and are sold 100% complete and ready to install onto your Type 4 engine. Please note that rocker arm assemblies and valve covers are not supplied with our cylinder heads, but they are available separately through our retail store.





Technical specifications for the RAT LE 180-914 cylinder heads:


Head casting type- NEW  2.0L Bus castings modified to 2.0/914


Combustion chamber shape- exact  digitized replica of the 2.0-914 combustion chamber


Combustion chamber volume- 56cc+/-


Spark plug location- 2.0 914 location. Plug relocated from conventional location to promote efficiency, chamber strength and aesthetics for 2.0 engine owners.


Spark plug diameter- 12mm, reduced from 14mm to enhance chamber strength and help resist cracking related to potential over heating (should it occur)


Valve sizes- 42mm Intake/ 36mm Exhaust


Port work- Fully digitized CNC machined intake and exhaust ports that flow within 2% of the OEM 2.0 914 cylinder head!


Valve type- Stainless Steel


Valve Springs- RAT single heavy duty. Will control valves to 6,250 RPM +/- dependent upon camshaft and valve train mass.


Valve spring pressures- 215#@ .500 lift/ 120# seated


Retainers- Chromoly steel


Intake manifold pattern- original 4 stud pattern, no alterations made. Port matched manifolds are not included in the price. Installer is responsible for port matching manifolds. OPTIONAL "3 studding" available at added expense







If you would like to learn more about the LE 180- 914 cylinder heads please follow this link to our retail store where you may submit a question about this component, or add it to your cart or wish list for immediate or future purchase.


For more information, detailed pricing and availability see our online store at


Please note that most cylinder heads are not kept in stock. Please allow 8-12 weeks for most cylinder head orders to be completed . Good components take time to create, and cylinder heads can't be rushed through their processes- we refuse to allow the calendar get in our way of offering the best cylinder heads for the Type 4 engine! All cylinder head orders MUST be paid for in full at the time of the order.

Jake Raby
"Excellence in Research"